1950 – From this decade Mr. Corral with the support of his wife Mrs. Luz Camila Pérez Domínguez formally established his commercial and business activity which thru the years has consolidated as Grupo La Norteņita, installing a seed and fodder marketer in the downtown area of the city of Cuauhtemoc.

1962 – Due to the success of his commercial activities with seed and fodder and with the ease of obtaining additional benefits through the access of good prices in livestock feed, Mr Corral`s company enters in the livestock activity, from the acquisition of his first cattle ranch named Santa Elena, which in our days represents over 40 years of experience, during which our organization tapped as a leader cattle exporter to the USA.

1968- This was the year that gives rise to our organizations main acitivity, encouraged by some of his close friends Mr. Corral began to plant orchards, same that today still contribute to our production and to the date add up to around two million three hundred thousand trees this places us as the principal grower in the country and with the highest standards of quality.

1980- This year gave birth to the formation of “La Nortenita” apples, which is its main distinctive in the market and constitutes as a formal institution. Giving origin to ist fresh apple selling activity in miscellaneous qualities and packages in the main cities of our country, through the food markets and convenience stores. In this draw the company not only has consolidated as the main producer in Mexico, but it has also been placed in one of the first international levels.

1983- This was the year the company inaugurated its first refrigeration which allows it to expand its market and time coverage taking opportunity to keep with its own infrastructure keeping greater control and quality to offer our customers. These facilities are leaders in the national market and its storage capacity is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

2006-Opening of our corporate offices located at Km. 98.5 on the highway to Chihuahua this building is the icon that gives rise to the institutionalization what began as a family business and lay`s the foundation`s legacy towards his family, community and country transcending to the future generations as a source of well being and opportunities to the most vulnerable groups of our society.

2008-Establishing of Camichalo Foundation, whose reason is to be an arm of our organization having as a purpose to help the less fortunate and vulnerable groups of society providing health, nutritional and educational assistance to these groups within the community.


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  En Armonia con el Medio Ambiente  


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